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Searide in the Australian News

New press release about our Searide 66, this time in the Autralian News.

Searide presents hydrogen powered luxury catamaran

Designed by the London based company Searide International, the Searide 66 embodies the concept of green-autonomy.

It is 100 percent eco- friendly with zero-emission, green-hydrogen powered, assisted by artificial intelligence for sailing autonomy and anti-Covid certified.

The Searide 66 is a luxury cruiser, fully equipped to function as a true 500 square metre houseboat, with a length of 24 meters, an oversized aft platform of 4 meters, and a beam of 11 metres.

This elegant and modern catamaran offers a 100 square metre main deck, a configurable number of instances for (up to six) suites, gym or office room, invitees’ bathroom, and crew cabins.

It also offers a saltwater spa, chill out area, solarium, bar with a barbecue and plenty of storage space for toys like RIBs, jet skis, paddle boards and diving equipment.


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